As edibles, extracts and topicals usher in millions of canna-curious, what could go wrong?

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Although flower is still overwhelmingly the largest product segment, edibles, extracts and topicals will be coming up. Canopy thinks it has the magic number Medical cannabis will be lost amid the weed gummies Ask a lawyer: Can I consume cannabis edibles around the children? Edibles, extracts and topicals are projected to dominate this new environment of legalized cannabis. Canadian producers will have rivals competing for a share of the new edibles and topicals market. If Canada is anything like the United States, edibles and extracts could form the fastest-growing segment of the cannabis market.

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Canadian Cannabis 2.0 is here. It’s been over a year since recreational cannabis was legalized for adult use in Canada, and with the edibles, extracts and topicals category recently legalized, the market is shifting into what many envision as a new wave of consumption. How will the introduction of these new products impact the market?

How much THC is the right amount for pot-infused drinks? Canopy thinks it has the magic number Medical...

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