China: The Philippines’ Drug War is Good And You Should Support It

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RELATED: President Trump’s Troubling ‘Bromance’ with Philippines’ Drug War Strongman You can keep up with all of HIGH TIMES’ news right here. This is the president’s own line as well. “It is true that there are deaths—is there a drug war where no one is killed?” Duterte said on Tuesday. But not China, which had kind words for support for Duterte (who just happened to be heading to China on a state visit this week). This would explain China’s steadfast support for Duterte and the ongoing Filipino war on drugs, which were the subject of a recent United Nations Human Rights Council hearing. He will stop drugs,” Duterte said of Trump in April. “We’re not different.

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China and the United States are locked in a sort of cold war for influence in the Philippines, whose authoritarian, unfiltered strongman of a leader, Rodrigo Duterte, has overseen a gruesomely bloody war on drugs (and has favorably compared himself to Adolf Hitler) since taking office less than a year ago.

Thousands of people have killed since Duterte took power last June—mostly poor people, pedicab operators and drug addicts. They’ve died either willingly, in suicidal shootouts with police, if you believe Duterte and his supporters, or at the hands of government-sanctioned death squads, if you believe international human-rights groups and the families of victims.

These are mere petty details when playing realpolitik. China’s strategy for winning Duterte’s heart is simple: tell the 71-year-old that he’s doing a great job, and that his War on Drugs—deaths and all—deserves your support.

This would explain China’s steadfast support for Duterte and the...

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