Why Is Black Market Weed Still Doing Well in Canada?
While recreational cannabis has been legal in Canada for over six months, black market weed sales are still significant in the country. In the first half of 2019, Statistics Canada reported in August that 42 percent of cannabis...
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A Breakdown Of Mike Tyson’s $40K A Month Weed Habit
Mike Tyson’s weed habit is more a product of sharing and caring within Tyson Ranch than personal consumption. On a recent podcast, Mike Tyson revealed that at Tyson Ranch—the boxer’s soon-to-be marijuana farm and resort—they...
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Five mistakes to avoid when making marijuana edibles
A big part of making edibles if figuring out dosage. Depending on the potency of your cannabutter or base oil, some batches are going to be more powerful than others. The Link between Cannabis And Autoimmune Diseases The...
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