Democrat Miles Turns Leaf, Supports Marijuana

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I stated my unequivocal support for legalizing recreational marijuana the day I launched my campaign. Democratic activists will endorse their attorney general nominee on April 15, about four months before the party’s official nominating convention. Miles’ main rival for the Democratic nomination, lawyer and former Wayne County assistant prosecutor Dana Nessel, has supported the legalization and regulation of marijuana. He has faced criticism from activists for prosecuting marijuana cases and not embracing the initiated legislation. It is a bid to give Democratic candidates for attorney general, secretary of state, Supreme Court and other offices a head start ahead of the November general election.

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By David Eggert 

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — A former federal prosecutor who is running to be Michigan’s attorney general took what he said is a “stronger stance” on marijuana legalization Wednesday, backing a proposed 2018 ballot measure that would legalize the drug for recreational use.

Pat Miles, who is locked in a fight for the Democratic nomination, issued a statement outlining his shift on the issue less than six weeks before the party’s de-facto nominating convention.

“After careful consideration, and dialogue with activists and voters across the state, I’ve decided to take a stronger stance on marijuana legalization,” he said. “While I’ve said so far that this issue is up to the voters of Michigan, which it most certainly is, I’ve reviewed the language of the ballot initiative to regulate marijuana like alcohol, and find it to be very thoughtful and well-written, and I support it.”

Miles was the U.S. attorney...

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