Hand-Trimmed vs. Machine-Trimmed Cannabis

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You can unsubscribe from Leafly email messages anytime.Related Articles Cannabis 101 Factors That Impact Your Cannabis Strain: Part 4, Harvesting Methods Cannabis 101 A Guide to Cannabis Breeding and Strain Variability Growing When Is Your Cannabis in Season? Pros The quickest method to get your cannabis from the drying room to curing jars, machine trimming cannabis saves growers time and money after the initial price of the machine. Pros Quality hand-trimmed cannabis is the most precisely trimmed cannabis on the market. But if you have a large crop to process, hand trimming is costly, time-consuming, and difficult to organize. Cons Hand trimming cannabis is expensive and takes a lot of time.

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Hand-Trimmed vs. Machine-Trimmed Cannabis: Which Is Better?


Trimming is one of the last steps of the growing process, when prized buds are finally pulled off their branches and shaped before sale. One of the more monotonous parts of growing, producers always look for ways to make the trimming process easier and more efficient, with machine trimmers becoming more popular in recent times.

Money, labor, and quality factor heavily into your decision to trim by hand or to use a machine. Here’s a guide that spells out both sides of the argument so that you can figure out what process works best for your setup.

The Pros and Cons of Hand Trimming

Trimming cannabis by hand is the tried-and-true method and was the only option available for generations. Accomplished with a pair of trimmers, some focus, and a bit of patience, this method is celebrated by connoisseurs for its beautiful results.


Quality hand-trimmed cannabis...

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