How to Get Hired in the Cannabis Industry

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Passion Is Good, Skills Are Better Companies and recruiters see a lot of resumes from people who are passionate about cannabis and the cannabis industry. Expect Change, and Enjoy It Change is the only constant in the cannabis industry, and things happen fast. Be flexible Every business in the cannabis industry is a startup. Somebody who’s been in the cannabis industry for three years is considered a seasoned veteran. Leafly asked her to offer five tips for people considering a leap into the cannabis industry.

Article PreviewKarson Humiston

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Pro Tips From a Cannabis Recruiter

Karson Humiston is the founder and CEO of Vangst, the cannabis industry’s leading recruiting platform. Since creating the Denver-based company in 2015, Humiston and her staff of 50 (and growing) have partnered with more than 600 companies to place 10,000 jobs across 14 states....

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