How to Roll a Game or Dutch

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Rolling up a tight blunt is more than just a past-time. In many circles, it’s a form of art. Elevate your game with these easy steps so you can roll a perfect  every single time. Unwrap the Outer Leaf You’ll need to start by moistening the outer leaf of the cigar so that you can […]

Rolling up a tight blunt is more than just a past-time. In many circles, it’s a form of art. Elevate your game with these easy steps so you can roll a perfect l every single time.

Unwrap the Outer Leaf

You’ll need to start by moistening the outer leaf of the cigar so that you can remove it. This is most easily achieved by using your own saliva; lick the cigar evenly and all over. Just be careful not to overdo it, as you don’t need a soaking wet leaf. Just make sure you can gently pull it off. Once the outer leaf is sufficiently moist, you will need to begin to pull the leaf off. To do this, start at the cap (the side most resembling a torpedo) and begin to slowly lift it off the cigar. The leaf will come off like a spiral staircase – carefully follow the ‘vein’ of the staircase down and remove the leaf. Take this leaf and keep it moist (by placing it around a sweating drink or a using your own saliva).

Remove the Wrapper Top

Now that the outer leaf is off, it is time to take apart the wrapper, or wrap. This is the part of the cigar that contains the tobacco. First, we must remove a cancer causing material located at the torpedo side of the cigar. It’s about an inch in length and is wrapped around the torpedo side. It is easy to remove, just make sure the entire piece comes off.

Gut the Blunt

After this piece is removed, take your cigar wrap and find the line that goes down the length of the cigar (where the wrap was originally connected together). This is where you will split the wrap in half. Beginning at one side of the cigar and working your way down, hold the cigar with 2 hands, using your thumbs to gently work apart the wrap where the line is. Once completely apart, it’s time to dump the tobacco, commonly referred to as ‘dutch guts’. Tobacco is bad for you and shouldn’t be smoked.

Remove the Cancer Strip

Now that the tobacco has been disposed of, take the wrap and hold it up to the light. On one edge of the wrap you will notice a long piece that goes down the length of the cigar (it’s dark and easy to see). This should be removed as well, and can simply be pulled off (just be careful to not rip the wrap).

Pack It Up

Evenly distribute your bud on the wrap.  Once set, the wrap will need to be rolled. Lift the wrap and gently fold in half using your thumbs on the side closest to you, and your pointer fingers on the side facing away from you. Slowly roll the wrap back and forth to tighten the buds and then roll the wrap together, making sure to lick the wrap prior to being fully rolled so that it stays together.

Wrap It Up

Next, you will need to re-apply the outer tobacco leaf onto the wrap. It is better to use the same side for the inside that you took it apart with, though this is not necessary. Lick the interior of the leaf and place it on a hard surface, with the moist side facing up. Place something weighted at the top of the leaf in order to keep the blunt taught as you roll it.

Twist It Up

Begin to the roll the wrap back into the leaf, being sure to wrap tight enough to the point where the buds won’t fall out, but not too tight to the point where it will be difficult to pull on once lit. Once you’ve come to the end of the wrap, there usually is outer leaf leftover. This commonly gets twisted and cut at the point of excess (this is where the term ‘twisting one up’ comes from).

Roast It and Light Her Up

You’re almost done. The last step is to ‘roast’ the blunt, whereby you will tighten up the blunt and remove any remaining moisture. Holding the blunt with one hand, use a lighter in your other hand to quickly toast the blunt (you are not lighting it at this point – if it goes on fire, you’ve roasted too much) moving back and forth, while turning the blunt with your left hand (think of a hot dog on a grill roller). All set! Time to light the blunt and enjoy. Begin to light at one end (the side that was twisted), holding the lighter on the blunt for about 20-25 seconds (while twisting with the hand the blunt is in – the key here is to get a nice even burn to prevent ‘canoeing’, whereby the blunt wrapper burns unevenly, resembling a canoe). Once it has begun to burn properly, take two hits and pass it to the lucky recipient on your left hand side.

PRO TIP: If it’s your first time and the blunt turns out sloppy (not tight enough, too wet, etc), you can put it in the microwave for about 6 seconds, and then throw it in the freezer for about 10 minutes. This should tighten up the blunt and prevent a total loss!