How To Use CBD To Reduce Holiday Stress

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Also, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can help reduce skin redness and irritation that’s often caused during the winter months. Along those lines, CBD works as a digestive aid by helping control IBS symptoms, as well as helping reduce holiday weight gain by regulating insulin levels and converting fat. Furthermore, anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that consuming CBD with alcohol can reduce hangovers. Photo by Sofie Delauw/Getty Images Reduce Headaches The anti-inflammatory properties present in CBD can help one deal with any headaches caused from too much stress. Photo by JGI/Jamie Grill/Getty Images Stay Social and Sober When attending holiday events, CBD can be invaluable in helping one stay calm with attending stressful holiday parties.

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One’s mind and body can easily go into on overdrive during the holiday frenzy. From travel to digestion, here’s how CBD can help.  

While everyone may appear to be smiling throughout the holiday season, for many people this period can bring about anxiety due to a host of factors including financial pressures, family concerns, party planning, and unrealistic expectations.

Here are some ways that CBD tinctures and topicals can help revelers stay reasonably calm and sane during this hectic festive season. 

Recover from Holiday Mania

One’s mind can easily go into on overdrive from too much holiday frenzy. CBD can have...

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