Low-Level Pot Convicts Are Being Freed From Jails to Stop Coronavirus Spread

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In one of the most surprising twists regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, US cities, counties, and states are starting to release low-level, non-violent inmates from prisons to minimize the virus’s spread.

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While most Americans may feel as if the coronavirus crisis has turned their homes, or even their cities, into virtual prisons, some are literally experiencing liberation amid the pandemic. 

To combat the COVID-19 virus’s spread among vulnerable populations, many US cities, counties, and states are now considering releasing prison or jail inmates before their full sentences or trials have completed. Some jurisdictions have already started releasing inmates early. 

On Sunday, New Jersey Chief Justice Stuart Rabner issued an order to release non-violent inmates. According to the order, anyone incarcerated solely for petty crimes, fourth-degree...

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