Return of the Canna-King: Champelli Is Back in the Weed Game After 20-Year Hiatus

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In the ‘90s, Champelli’s weed was so good that rappers from around the country regularly name-dropped him in lyrics. Well, the pot legend is back, and he’s hustling to bring his infamous bud to the legal, regulated market.

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All photos courtesy of Champelli

Before Berner created a multi-million-dollar empire with Cookies, even before Sherbinskis basked in rappers’ praises for Sherbert and Gelato, Champelli was the first hit strain to blow up the weed mecca of San Francisco's Bay Area and rock the West Coast hip-hop scene. 

If you're unfamiliar with Champelli — the man or the weed strain — you've likely still heard either mentioned in rap tracks from the late ‘90s. Champelli and his...

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