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LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR HIGH 5s & HIGH VIBES! Come On By Get Your Corn Husk J on @ Lighter Bro code MB420 = 30% off Sign up to WIN The moment you have been waiting for my friends... I know you have seen this on social media and now you will know exactly who to get down with a T.Ras Corn Husk Joint! In this video we take a look at the old school papers that have be rebirthed with a whole new feel and flavor! T.Ras has taken great time and energy to create the first corn husk paper to hit the market EVER I believe. These wraps are perfect and I personally LOVE them because they are in-between a joint and a blunt and personally I have been aiming to cut down on my blunt consumption. So if you are looking for something new and exciting then look no further because these wraps will flip the game upside down when you try them :) Lets get our smoke on' PEACE, MB SHOUT OUT TO... Canna Cruse Natural Cannabis CO LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Master Bong and and all associated websites feature content about marijuana and other currently illegal substances, as well as hemp and other cannabis-related subject matter. The content includes information about cannabis cultivation, drug laws, drug tests, the recreational use of marijuana, the medical uses for marijuana and the worldwide drug war. Master Bong and and all associated websites All content on YouTube and and all associated websites for educational and entertainment purposes ONLY. This website is for mature audiences only. We strongly encourage those users under 18 years of age to EXIT and unsubscribe immediately.