DAB HOTBOX!!! Macdizzle420 & Amanda!!


SHOP HERE: http://thehighriseco.com/ SUBSCRIBE HERE: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheHighRiseCo/ hey guys! In this video Amanda and I did an ALL-WAX-HOTBOX! Once again, it was really fucking hot. Uncomfortably hot. But we also got very high and had a couple laughs. I hope you guys smoke along and enjoy! Check out our websites! www.2girls1bong.com www.thehighriseco.com USE DISCOUNT CODE 2G1B! Be sure to follow on Instagram: @thehighriseco @highrisetv @2girls.1bong Mac's Social Media: Instagram: @macdizzle420 SnapChat: @macdizzle420 Twitter: @macdizzle710 YouNow: Macdizzle420 Amandas Social Media: Youtube: Amanda Shante SnapChat: @thatgirlpanda Instagram: @thatgirlpanda