First Time Marijuana Grower Question and Day 42 of LED Growing Weed Indoors


Day 42 - growing weed indoors 2013 - LED Grow Light. Home Grown Weed - Stealth Closet Grow Test, Summer 2013 Including 60x Zoom, viewing the THC-Rich cannabis trichomes. *But First* - I answer a recent question sent in by a viewer... a question, it seems, that I also need help with. Here's what he asks: I just started the flowering stage with 4 plants. First time grow. Did lots or research. I keep getting all sorts or leaf issues. The claw here and there, some leaves have the tips curled up like elf boots. Yellowing, with tiny brown spots, (like spilled cinnamon), that happen before the yellowing. Almost highliter yellow tips of the sides of the leaves. All of these occur simultaneously on different plants. I have ruled out heat and light stress. My tap water is from 7 wells that supply my town. The ph out of the tap is 8.5. I reduce it to about 7.0 with the commercial kit I bought, and add 2 teaspoons of big bloom. I also added a bit of dolomite lime to the mix when I recently repotted. I have seen conflicting info on testing the runoff ph. Flood the pot with water, and test runoff right away...flood it and test runoff after a large amount of water has passed through, flood and wait 30 minutes, then add more water and test the ph. The results are: Test of initial run-off is 6.1, test after several gallons have drained is 6.3, test 30 minutes after flushing is 6.4. I will be getting a report from my town... I have quite a bit of mineral build up at the taps in the house. Also, possibly high sodium. Please help me figure this out. Which way is correct for ph testing? Any ideas at all would be great. I am about to switch to bottled water, as pesky as that is. Please email me if you have any ideas. Thank you. home grow op in canada. grow your own weed, stealth closet grow of good weed. Break The Taboo. growing weed indoors 2013, how to grow weed, LED Light for weed,growing weed