GELONADE STRAIN REVIEW (Gelato #41 x Lemon Tree)


Today I am taking a look at another cross from Connected CA, their "Gelonade". Gelonade is Gelato #41 x Lemon Tree. A very interesting combination to say the least, this was certainly some exotic smoke. Let me know what strains you would like to see reviewed next! Thanks for the support guys! REAL ONES CHANNEL: SHANE'S CHANNEL: DANNY'S CHANNEL: INSTAGRAM: @theCCC420 @shane_omac831 @dannyflavors @RealOnesPodcast @RealOnes.ENT FACEBOOK: #GELONADE #CCC420 #CONNECTEDCA *LIKE & COMMENT - HELPS MORE PEOPLE SEE OUR VIDEOS! *TURN ON THE BELL TO BE NOTIFIED WHEN WE DROP NEW VIDEOS!