Glass Bong Etching | EASY DIY WEED HACKS |


18+ Tutorial on how to permanently personalize and customize your bong or glass piece . In this easy weed DIY I will show you the steps on how to use Armour Etch (glass etching cream) to give your pipe or mason jar a unique look. Hope this video and tips help you guys out; and enjoy making all different types of cool designs. Remember to always use safety first when doing this weedhack. If you are not happy with the results after washing the cream off, put some cream on the areas that look patchy and wash it off again after 3 minutes. Cheers guys! Buy Armour Etch Cream and stencils at: and (Or at any local craft store) Ideas: Or search for Glass Bong Etching on Google ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to stay up to date! It really helps! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For business inquiries Daniel C. PO Box 25400 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33320-5400 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me on social media! @cannavicetv You can also find my videos and lots of awesome content at MassRoots (weed pics) Instagram (most active) Twitter (which I barely use) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: This video does not promote the consumption of marijuana, it educates on the plant for a better understanding. For audience 18 and over. Thanks for watching!