Hash Church 2.0 Episode 12


how to contact http://caladriusnetwork.org/ or Forrest@caladriusnetwork.org Join me tomorrow with a wonderful group of speakers from the cannabis community including Josh and Kelly from the Dragon Fly Earth medicine Family. kunkman Sam Breeder Rio- Lady Sativa Farms/ Humboldt (Rio is a activist and a farmer and he is the glue for MANy famers in So Hum. He is a super communicator and leads discussions all the time. He is s gem. IG account is @LadySativaFarm707 Craig- AlpenGlow Farms/ Humboldt (Craig is amazing and super active in his community in trying to get farmers together to create a large , successful network). His IG account is @Alpenglowfarms707 Sandra and Josh- MoonGazer Farms (These guys are super dynamic and community leaders and grow fire!) They represent Mendo area. IG account - @Moongazerfarms Kaya- Pacific NW Rootz (He is deep in Washington canna industry and breeds amazing strains. He is also a activist and community leader). IG account - @PacificNWRootz Steve Cantwell- Greenlife Productions (he is a NV large organic rec facility and has amazing knowledge about the industry in NV and we consider one of the most knowledgable indoor cultivators around). IG account - @Greenlifeproductions Meredith and Bobby- Snodgrass Family Genetics (they are Sierra’s parents and are part of the old canna culture. They are super knowledgeable about Oregon growing and the market in Or right now). IG account - @Snodgrssfamgenetics Joshua- Dutch Blooms Gardens (he is a great guy with a rec garden and has some good insight to the Wa. Market. He is also running the Soil Science conference in Van and beyond). IG account - @Dutch_blooms