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LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR HIGH 5s & HIGH VIBES! http://www.MasterBongStore.com Come On By http://www.MasterBong420.info Sign up to WIN Herbalizer Vape: http://bit.ly/VapeBoss I don't know about you but I LOVE to party in San Diego with the homies especially when we link up with the IChief Family and the Herbalizer crew. They always take care of us and we definitely appreciate everything they bless us with from spots to crash to seeing up the party and blessing us with a Herbalizer to use as well! Let me just say then when you party in San Diego there are boats, there are beaches, there is warm weather and there are great BUDS!!! So we took advantage of all that and of course lived it up to fullest as we always do. So if you guys are ready to party in San Diego and Vape Like a BOSS then wait no further and enjoy this video of what its like to party in SD with the homies! Bless, MB LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Master Bong and MasterBong420.com and all associated websites feature content about marijuana and other currently illegal substances, as well as hemp and other cannabis-related subject matter. The content includes information about cannabis cultivation, drug laws, drug tests, the recreational use of marijuana, the medical uses for marijuana and the worldwide drug war. Master Bong and MasterBong420.com and all associated websites All content on YouTube and MasterBong420.com and all associated websites for educational and entertainment purposes ONLY. This website is for mature audiences only. We strongly encourage those users under 18 years of age to EXIT and unsubscribe immediately.