How to Decarb Weed


Check out our blog article to learn more: Want to make some edibles? First, you need to learn how to decarb your weed. Decarboxylation or "decarbing" is the process of turning non psychoactive THCA into THC by heating the buds. Every time you light your bong or joint, you are decarbing your bud. But to make edibles, the process is a bit more complicated. Check out this quick and easy tutorial and subscribe to see more edible tutorials soon to come! Like this video? Give it a like or comment. Love it? Share it with friends. Want more? Subscribe to MassRoots on YouTube! MassRoots is a community just for cannabis! Since 2013, MassRoots has been uniting stoners all over the world on the journey to legalization! Check out to see more or download our FREE app and join the community!