How to Smoke Wax Concentrates, Budder, Shatter, Oil Dabs Marijuana Tricks & Tips w/ Bogart #3


Get a Titanium Nail & More Dabbing Tools Here: Support Us By Visiting Our Sponsor Store: In this episode of Medical Marijuana Tips and Tricks with Bogart, Bogart discusses marijuana Concentrates. Concentrates are marijuana derivatives such as the various Wax, Budder, Shatter, Oils, Hash and other concentrated forms of marijuana available from many Medical Marijuana dispensaries. Oftens sold as a dab or by the gram in a variety of forms and prices from legal Medical Marijuana Dispensaries. Bogart shows several varieties of concentrates and then shows some common ways for smoking the extracted marijuana with a glass water pipe and attachments. Bogart then demonstrates how to take a "Corn Dog" hit using the titanium nail attachment on a glass water pipe. Complete Marijuana Tips and Tricks with Bogart Playlist: WEBSITE: YOUTUBE: GOOGLE +: BOGART'S FACEBOOK: FACEBOOK: TWITTER:!/ruffhousestudio