How To Use HBV Cheech & Chong Vaporizer Marijuana Tricks & Tips w/ Bogart #8


Bogart does a product demo of the Hot Box Vapor Cheech and Chong Vintage Tile Vaporizer. He also share his story of winning the vaporizer in a contest. He also received 2 tickets to the Cheech and Chong / War / Tower of Power Greek Theater performance and another special surprise. Be sure to check out the end of the video for the answer to the big question. Did Bogart get to meet his childhood legends? Please visit the new Bogart website: You can create an account, share your favorite weed burning spots and watch all of the videos, and some stuff we can;t put on YouTube coming soon. Thanks for subscribing, rating, commenting and sharing,,, that's what it's all about. Keep on tokin' from RuffHouse Studios! Complete Marijuana Tips and Tricks with Bogart Playlist: WEBSITE: YOUTUBE: GOOGLE +: BOGART'S FACEBOOK: FACEBOOK: TWITTER:!/ruffhousestudio