Huge 4 foot bong rips and a 24k joint!!! (2g1b w/ Alice!)


Hey guys! This video was soooo much fun to film! I was so giggly throughout the whole thing and Alice brought the best vibes! We took some massive 4-foot bong rips then smoked up a 24k joint. The conversation got pretty wild but hey, thats what happens when you get high lol! Grab something to smoke and get high with us! Be sure to check out Alice's channel with her boyfriend Clark! That High Couple - @thathighcouple Check out our websites! USE DISCOUNT CODE 2G1B! Be sure to follow on Instagram: @thehighriseco @highrisetv @2girls.1bong Mac's Social Media: Instagram: @macdizzle420 SnapChat: @macdizzle420 Twitter: @macdizzle710 YouNow: Macdizzle420