QUARTZ NAILS: what you need to know | 5 nails reviewed | CoralReefer & ArtsmakMio


High and hello! Thanks so much for watching! Mio and I went through the 5 quartz nails we use most often, and I hope it helps you when it comes time to pick out the right nail for you! Plus we got super stoney to make this video, had to put them all to the test! *THE NAILS* classic imported/inexpensive banger -$20-50 -cool times vary with thickness J-red Diamond Knot -$120-$150 -no carb cap needed, 10 second cool Highly Educated Gavel -$180 -opaque bottom, 90 second cool Joel Halen Honey Hole -$140 -70 second cool Eternal Quartz -$155-180 with an insert included -10 second cool for a drop in ******** my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/coralreefer420 big thank you to AARON, AMELIA, CYMBRE, LACEY and everyone else for their patreon support!! Twitter: @CoralReefer420 Facebook: Coral Reefer Snapchat: Coralfish19 Instagram: @CoralReefer420 SUBSCRIBE & stay high: http://coralreefer420.com/subscribe ******** DISCOUNTS FOR WORLD REEFERS: Code “worldreefers” on these sites: VapeWorld http://vapeworld.com CannaSmack http://cannasmack.com Vapexhale http://coralreefer420.com/vapexhale Humboldt Hempwick http://humboldt-traders.com Miss Mary Jane Co http://missmaryjaneco.com The Nail Crown 20% off http://cruzculture.com Puffs Pendy Melts 15% off http://puffspendymelts.com write me: 343 Soquel Ave #200 Santa Cruz, Ca 95062 ******** High! I'm Coral. I fell in love with cannabis near the end of high school and have enjoyed learning about this plant everyday since. I answer questions weekly for Stoney Sunday, share news stories on News Nug, and sneak in random videos in between. Pack a bowl, load the bong, heat the nail, and let's stay high together