Seed to Sale: How Legal Cannabis is Grown – Episode 3 – Flowering

Description Growing your own cannabis is one of the quickest and most impactful ways of deepen your understanding of this unique plant. For this web series Leafly visited five different gardens to get a behind the scenes look at how the professionals are growing cannabis. We'll bring you to indoor facilities in California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington to study the steps successful growers use to produce some of the finest flowers in the country. After selecting your genetics and caring for them through healthy vegetative growth it is time to induce flowering. To learn more about the flowering cycle, we visited Pangaea Organics down in La Pine, Oregon - just outside Bend in Central Oregon. Joseph, owner and president at Pangaea show us how the plants change during the flowering phase and what methods he recommends to ensure a bountiful harvest. For more details on the Seed to Sale web series visit: Subscribe to Leafly's YouTube channel for the next episode of Seed to Sale. We'll be visiting Medicine Man in Denver, Colorado to learn how they harvest 25 lbs of cannabis every day. Follow Leafly on Social Media Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Leafly News: Find out more about Pangaea Organics at: Website: http:// Instagram: