Shelby Fero Talks Writing for TV and Skipping Journalism Class | QUEENS OF THE STONED AGE


Sometimes you gotta keep it in the family. Luckily, the MERRY JANE fam is talented, smokes loud, and is down to record their conversations after smoking aforementioned loud. On the latest episode of "Queens of the Stoned Age," MERRY JANE managing editor Mira Gonzalez sits down with “writer slash performer” and fellow MERRY JANE editor Shelby Fero to talk about writing for television, salary negotiations, how difficult it is to eat Triscuits with cottonmouth, and lots more. Over several Gorilla Glue containing joints provided by our good friends the Green Angels (@greenangels.buzzz), Shelby and Mira discuss putting the “high” in high school, working on Punk’d, Robot Chicken, and Key & Peele, and East of La Brea, as well as the perils of disagreeing with men in Hollywood as a young woman. To turn it up a notch Shelby and Mira fielded “anonymous” questions about the most inappropriate places they’ve been stoned, whether Drake is an icon or a creep, and who their cartoon character crushes were/are. So don’t be shy: kick back, relax, and get woke with the freshest ep of "Queens of the Stoned Age" — the days of marijuana mansplaining are over. MERRY JANE Follow MERRY JANE! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Snapchat: Subscribe to MERRY JANE's channel: Follow Snoop Dogg! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Snapchat: Subscribe to WestFestTV: