2023: Year in Texas Cannabis Legal Developments and National Hemp Litigation Trends

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Minnesota birthed a burgeoning hemp product market when it made rules allowing for higher concentrations of THC in hemp products last year. The next opportunity to modify the smokable hemp law will be in the 2025 Legislative Session. At the beginning of the year, Louisiana issued regulations that made 100’s of hemp products illegal. In Georgia, law enforcement was ordered to return seized hemp products after a court disagreed that the products were controlled substances. Tennessee added age requirements and a special tax for hemp products.

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2023 saw a number of consequential legal developments for the cannabis industry despite the failure of any law, pro or con, related to cannabis to pass during the Legislative Session, due to Leadership’s showdown over competing property tax proposals, despite the postponement of the new Farm Bill until next year, and despite the FDA’s punt on CBD.  Most of the legal action this year occurred in the court system across the country, where the terrain of what part of the plant is legal in what state continuing to shift on a daily basis. 


Here is the latest as of December 2023 by topic:


Smokable Hemp


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