3 Years Of Legal Marijuana in Canada: Pros, Cons & What The US Can Learn

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Blair was concerned about a market, concerned about the kids, and concerned about product safety. And that terrible pesticide scandal — one of several — happened in the old medical cannabis days, when Health Canada was in charge of a few giant medical growers. But for years there were strict regulations in place limiting how many private businesses can sell cannabis, and where — meaning Canadian cannabis resembled the tightly controlled markets in U.S. cannabis states including Florida and New Jersey. Criminal and Social Justice: Fail It’s worthwhile remembering who it was that pushed hardest for legalization in Canada, and what they did before they were policymakers. The biggest shortcoming in Canada is also one of marijuana legalization’s biggest promises: Justice.

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So much has happened in the three years and a month since Oct. 17, 2018 that you could be forgiven for forgetting the biggest news of that day: the first day of marijuana legalization in Canada.

America’s slightly more affable and polite neighbor to the north was the second country in the world after Uruguay to allow adults to possess,...

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