Andrew Cuomo Uses Budget To Cut Medicaid, Settle Political Scores

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Not all of the policies in Cuomo’s budget bill anger progressives. David Paterson (D) raised taxes on higher earners to help close a budget shortfall. Generally speaking, the process aims to give New Yorkers a chance to give voice to the diversity within the two main parties. Support journalism – and keep it free for everyone – by becoming a HuffPost member today.     A state panel’s recommended Medicaid reforms, including major cuts, “are part of the budget and will be enacted,” Mujica said. “We have the ability to delay them in the budget, so the effective dates can be changed.”Cuomo’s budget cuts stem at least in part from the revenue that the state expects to lose due during the pandemic-spurred economic slowdown.

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) has struck a deal with state lawmakers to enact a budget that cuts billions of dollars a year from the state’s Medicaid system and other social programs, and punishes his political enemies in the progressive Working Families Party.

Cuomo, whose daily press conferences about the COVID-19 pandemic have turned him into a national media darling, had endured some...

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