Business Botswana asks for government probe into cannabis as a cash crop

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Business Botswana recommends that the finance and trade ministries as well as public enterprises, should lead the investigation into the new cash crops. Local farming journalist, Aobakwe Gofamodimo says cannabis farming is not something local farmers are talking about yet. Business Botswana will be expecting some of these answers to come from the “the requisite research” it is asking government to conduct into the cannabis family. Business Botswana, which is government’s official partner in economic policy, recently drafted a 50-page “Recovery Plan for the Private Sector,” giving its recommendations on how the country could shake off the effects of COVID-19 and restructure the economy going forward. Under the heading “Regulatory Reforms” Business Botswana proposes that an investigation be conducted into the “desirability of legislation to facilitate the diversification of agriculture into high value cash crops such as those in the cannabis family”.

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Mmegi online reports……..The country’s largest business lobby, Business Botswana, has proposed that government investigate the introduction of the cannabis family of crops, as a cash boost and diversification strategy for agriculture

Cannabis, in its various forms, is a prohibited substance in Botswana, although more voices have urged government to consider legalising the farming of hemp for medicinal and industrial use.

While government spends billions on agriculture, for inputs, training and drought relief, the sector has struggled to contribute meaningfully to the economy over the decades, leaving...

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