Seth Rogen spreads his love of weed south of the border
Everyone in Canada — well, everyone everywhere — who’s ever heard of Canadian treasure and cannabis connoisseur Seth Rogen knows the man adores weed. “If you know anything about me at all, I’m going to assume that...
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Canadian companies pushing the cannabis envelope
COVID-19 might be keeping many Canadians indoors and idle, but the activity has not slowed for a number of cannabis providers who continue to identify new and innovative approaches to benefit marijuana consumers. Consider...
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State of Ohio Considering Vote to Lift Dispensary Limit
Often, medical marijuana patients who live in legal states still face many roadblocks preventing them from accessing their medicine. One of the most common speed bumps many medical marijuana patients encounter is not having...
Medical Marijuana 411
Will Cannabis NB be sold soon?
Cannabis NB could be a thing of the past if the New Brunswick government opts to move forward with selling the provincial retailer, negotiations around which have been ongoing since last fall. Global News reports the N.B....
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Colorado marijuana sales blow past $200 million in July
Colorado cannabis sales set a record yet again in July, eclipsing $200 million in a single month for the first time. Dispensaries sold $183,106,003 in recreational marijuana and $43,268,565 in medical marijuana in July, for...
Denver Post
Company uses radio waves to treat contaminated cannabis
Contaminated crops are the bane of any licensed cannabis producer. But one newly-launched Oklahoma company has figured out a means of treating contaminated medical cannabis crops by subjecting buds to a treatment involving...
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Confessions of a Cannabis Banker
Introducing myself as a commercial banker never carried the “wow” factor of other professions. When I add that I am a cannabis banker, everyone wants to learn more, and there is a lot to tell.  While I am an anti-money...
High Times
David Beckham invests in CBD skincare company
David Beckham-backed Cellular Goods PLC, a U.K.-based provider of premium consumer products based on biosynthetic cannabinoids, is hoping to become the first company of its kind to join the main market of the London Stock...
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A New Way To Engage: The High Times Shop Relaunch
If you’re reading this, you know who we are. The four-and-a-half decade old cannabis flagbearer—the O.G.. From the front lines to the boardroom, High Times has led the charge for not only legalization, but for the de-stigmatization...
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Will Australia follow the U.S. lead and sell CBD?
Australians might be looking at a cleared path to cannabis medications as soon as next year. The Australian government made an interim decision on Sept. 9 to make low-dose CBD medication an over-the-counter (OTC) option. Right...
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