Can CBD, Psilocybin Help Fight Alcohol Abuse?

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Conclusion The above mentioned are the ways CBD and Psilocybin can effectively fight alcohol use disorder. The rest 35 percent of people said their urge to drink alcohol, reduced after taking a higher psilocybin dose. The experiment also gathered the following results: Participants who took Psilocybin were less inclined towards drinking alcohol. RELATED: Both CBD And Psilocybin Show Potential In Fighting Alcohol Use Disorder As per another journal, CBD reduced the chances of ethanol resumption in addictive mice, which gradually decreased when researchers increased CBD dosage. RELATED: The Medical Benefits Of Taking Psilocybin ‘Magic’ Mushrooms Another article that took a survey of 343 people who consumed Psilocybin to fight alcoholism found that almost 80 percent of them were free from alcoholism.

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Starting with these natural herbs can help in reducing the desire to drink regularly.

Binge drinking has a significant negative influence on the lifestyle of a person. When the drinking pattern starts causing trouble in your life, it’s the onset of alcohol use disorder (AUD). As per recent facts, AUD hits 16 million people in the United States. The common signs of addiction can be light, average, or critical, depending on the various traits that appear. Common signs include:

Helpless in controlling alcohol consumption. Not able to quit. A desperate desire to drink.


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