Canadian study finds most unregulated cannabis edibles have less than 20 per cent of advertised THC content

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Researchers found, on average, that unregulated edibles contained less than 20 per cent of their advertised THC content. According to the study, the majority of unregulated samples contained at least two pesticides, while one sample contained residue of ten different pesticides. Late last year, a quarterly report from the OCS claimed that, for the first time, legal cannabis sales surpassed the illicit market in Ontario. According to the study, some illegal samples contained up to 50 times below advertised THC levels. The study examined 44 edible cannabis products, split evenly between regulated and unregulated.

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A new study comparing illicit cannabis products to their legal counterparts has found lower than advertised levels of THC in unregulated products and pesticide levels that are several hundred times above Health Canada’s limits.

The study was conducted by the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) on behalf of the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) and Ontario Provincial Police (OPP).


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