Cannabis and Portugal, a century-old relationship

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Technological innovation: The cannabis industry can also drive innovation in agricultural technology, cultivation systems, processing, and others. This would not only benefit the cannabis industry but could also have applications in other agricultural fields. Social Equity and Justice: Cannabis legalization may offer opportunities to address historical inequities in the criminal justice system. Cannabis tourism: In countries where cannabis is legal, tourism related to this plant often becomes an important source of income. Fortunately, Portugal did not hesitate and took another important step in 2018 with the effective legalization of medical cannabis.

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In recent years, Portugal has emerged as a focal point of discussion in the international scene in relation to cannabis and its regulation. From its historic step towards the decriminalization of personal drug possession and consumption in 2001 to its most recent move towards the legalization and controlled regulation of medicinal and recreational cannabis, Portugal has undergone a paradigm shift in its approach toward this ancient plant.

Today we invite you to explore the unique path that Portugal has traveled in its relationship with cannabis, examining both the historical background and the most contemporary developments in the politics...

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