Cannabis Can Help Treat Cancer, But Can It Also Prevent It?

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Cannabinoids have mostly been used in cancer patients’ palliative care to treat pain, treat nausea, and increase appetite. Recent prospective and retrospective investigations found that administering immunotherapy along with medical cannabis treatment resulted in lower response rates. Medical Cannabis In Advanced Cancer Treatment  According to information published in the journal Cureus, patients who have advanced cancer respond positively to medical marijuana. The recent study on cannabis and urological cancers has shown that rye use of medical cannabis has helped patients alleviate the pain caused by cancer. However, a recent study found that the majority of cancer patients asked their oncologist for medical cannabis treatment.

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Medical cannabis is a promising alternative to opioid-based medications. But the research on cannabis, particularly for the treatment of cancer-related pain, is lacking in understanding, and the findings are debatable.

Urologic cancers are cancers that attack the structures and organs of the female and male urinary tract as well as the male reproductive structures. Urologic cancer is the general term for cancers of the kidney, testicles, bladder, penis, and prostate.

The Cancer Society of America believes that urological cancers make up about 23% of all commonly diagnosed cancer. The treatment and diagnosis of urological tumors have greatly...

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