Cannabis drinks are finally here. And they just might brighten your pandemic outlook

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But the pandemic has kicked off some debate about whether or not getting high or drinking booze should be essential. The discourse has been fascinating — but it’s still limited: Even pre-pandemic, candid discussions about getting high were rare. The conversation around getting high recreationally in the age of COVID-19 is being hushed by anticipated judgment. So, when I heard that long-hyped cannabis-infused drinks were finally arriving to retailers, I knew I had to try them. The debates that have taken place have mostly surrounded whether or not cannabis should be essential while we manage the COVID-19 crisis.

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How do you unwind after a long week? That question used to be easy for me to answer: I retreat from social media, roll a joint and listen to tunes or watch something.

It’s more complicated now. My relationship to my home has changed. Consuming television is impossible — characters stand too close, their motivations and vulnerabilities too disconnected from our current reality. And smoking weed? I don’t know about you, but that’s not as relaxing when a wildly contagious, lethal respiratory illness is making its way through hospitals, nursing homes and our precious communities.

So, when I heard that long-hyped cannabis-infused drinks were...

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