Cannabis industry plans for South Africa have stalled: How to get them moving again

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But some crucial questions need answering: what happened to the cannabis master plan working groups and workstreams set up in 2021/2022?. The way forward Firstly, the presidency must reinstate the cannabis master plan working groups and workstreams. The president’s comments therefore invite the question: what happened to the master plan working groups, and the workstreams? The potential legal pharmaceutical market for hemp and cannabis in South Africa alone has been estimated at over R100 billion a year. It should be set up in the same way as the working groups were formed with representatives from all interested players.

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South African president Cyril Ramaphosa recently reiterated plans to accelerate the commercialisation of hemp as well as cannabis plants. His speech setting out government’s priorities for 2023 was a reminder of a pledge in 2022 – also in his state of the nation address – that the government would mobilise investment in the hemp and cannabis sectors.

In his speech, the president indicated that government is in the process of addressing the conditions for the growth of the cannabis sector, particularly for rural farmers. The Department of Agriculture, Land Reform...

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