Cannabis research funding focuses on negative impact: analysis

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A new analysis shows that funding for cannabis research primarily goes toward studying the plant’s negative impact and not its therapeutic value, according to the journal Science. During the same 19-year period, the United Kingdom allotted US$40 million toward cannabis research and similarly emphasized abuse and risk involved with cannabis. Colorado’s Department of Public Health and Environment, for example, instituted a medical marijuana research program in 2014. Cannabis, according to new research These professors answer the question: Does consuming weed before, during or after work affect work performance? The review represents the first quantitative analysis to try and understand where cannabis research is directed.

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According to his official presidential platform, Democratic candidate Joe Biden supports decriminalizing cannabis, but not legalizing it. Biden will, instead, move to reschedule cannabis as a Schedule II drug in the U.S., which will lift many restrictions scientists face when studying cannabis.

Biden told the New York Times editorial board that the U.S. needs the medical community to provide a definitive answer on what potential risk factors cannabis use can and can’t cause before he would endorse legalization.

A new analysis shows...

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