Cannabis Sustainability: Minimize Wastewater

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Indoor grows make more efficient use of water While growing cannabis outdoors has definite advantages, one of them is not efficient water use. Sometimes some simple changes can significantly alter efficient water usage and minimize waste. Because drought is a reality in many legal cannabis states during recent years—particularly those in the west—water bills commonly reach hundreds or several thousands of dollars to keep a good cannabis grow up and running.   NOTABLE NEWS: DEA To Grow 3.2 Million Grams Of Cannabis In 2020 Growing Cannabis in a Tent If you grow cannabis commercially, efficient use of water also will increase your return on investment (ROI).

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Cannabis Sustainability: Minimizing Water Waste

According to Cannabis Training University, two key resources are essential to any successful cannabis grow, regardless of whether its private or commercial: water and light:

Full-spectrum lighting can come from either the sun or indoor grow lights, but the water for your...

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