Cannabis Users Choose Junk Food Over Healthy Eats To Ease Munchies

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All in all, marijuana users are going to eat whatever they want to satisfy the munchies. This would include managing the dietary impact of cannabis use.” Okay, okay, we get it — sometimes marijuana users don’t make the best dietary choices once the munchies take over. Still, and this is important, researchers argue that marijuana users cannot expect to maintain that girlish figure by just smoking weed and eating whatever the hell they want. There were no reports of people listing healthy food items, and then hypocritically gravitating toward deep fried, processed crap. Nearly two-thirds of the 275 people surveyed went for the junk food, while 32% opted for the orange.

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The latest $50 buzz word reverberating throughout the cannabis community these days is wellness. Cannabis users are no longer just smoking for the sake of sinking into a head change that makes them giggle non-stop, they are medicating on a plant put here by God or aliens as part of a healthy lifestyle that is free of the dangerous grips of alcohol, fast food and other worldly pollutants.

And those days of catching a fiendish case of the munchies and then diving into all things burritos, pizza or any number of bizarre, mad science kitchen concoctions that...

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