Combining Hemp and Homeopathy with Easy-To-Use Patches

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So we started selling the CBD patches at the smaller stores, and the non-hemp patches at bigger stores. We loved the delivery capabilities of patches, and when we began in 2017, not many people were working with patches. Besty Scanlan Cannabis Now: How did you get into the wellness industry, and how did The Good Patch come about? At the outset, we designed The Good Patch as a total wellness company that also includes CBD products. From there, The Good Patch was born.

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What if we told you there was a Band-Aid for everyday ailments that don’t cut the skin? When it comes to hangovers, sleepless nights, menstruation and anxiety, that’s exactly what you get with The Good Patch’s line of all-natural, CBD-infused patches.

We caught up with The Good Patch CEO and co-founder Betsy Scanlan to learn more about the company’s roots in the fight for cannabis law reform in the deep south; balancing CBD-infused and hemp-free product lines; and pushing cannabis further into the mainstream wellness industry.

Besty Scanlan

Cannabis Now: How did you get into the wellness...

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