COVID Behind Bars: The Story of a Nonviolent Marijuana Offender

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My brother and others have been incarcerated throughout the Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump administrations,” she explains. “Of the 1,700+ clemencies granted by Obama, only 11 were for nonviolent marijuana offenders. Perhaps their time will come.” John Knock Beth Curtis has been doing her research and evaluating data for 12 years and hasn’t found one first-time nonviolent marijuana offender with such a punishment. They are let out to shower two or three times per week, and it is communal,” said Beth Curtis. The Category of a Nonviolent Marijuana Offender The category that’s been largely kept out of the national conversation are nonviolent cannabis prisoners who are serving time for something that’s not only legal in many parts of the world but also deemed “essential”. She was sentenced to 26 months in federal prison for maintaining drug-involved premises.

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John Knock was sentenced to two life terms plus thirty for a marijuana-related offense. 

He’s 72 now. Amid the COVID crisis, he is waiting for a hearing or opinion on his motion for Compassionate Release before the District court.

His sister, Beth Curts, has spent a lifetime gathering stories from people like John who are serving outrageous sentences for having participated in cannabis-related enterprises, and advocating for the relief she believes these people deserve. “Mother Teresa for pot prisoners”, they call her.

And then the COVID crisis broke.

“John does not complain to...

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