Custom-Made Water Bongs by Prism

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The Cannabis Now team tested out a Prism setup and is reporting that, overall, Prism Water Pipes are easy to use and a very good value. Lastly, the 18mm bowl is a transparent pink lemonade color with lots of room to pack a fat bowl The Prism in Action Jayde testing out her custom-designed Prism water pipe. We used Piece Water when smoking out of the bong to keep the water cleaner for longer and to reduce any resin buildup. Prism Water Pipes are a great investment overall. Well, Prism Water Pipes has that exact bong for you.

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Ever wanted a bong that solves all your bong problems? Well, Prism Water Pipes has that exact bong for you. They’ve designed a modular bong that easily twists apart and is held together with thread connectors making for a super tight and secure seal. Why is this epic? Well, a bong that comes apart is extremely easy to clean—no more having to rig together a toothbrush and Q-tips for cleaning those hard-to-reach spots. You’ll never have a dirty bong again.

Prism bongs are also easy to store and travel with, so now you can take your bong on a hike or wherever your travels take you. Lastly, it’s fully customizable and interchangeable, so you can...

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