Democrats Slip SAFE Bill In Its Entirety Into Forthcoming Coronavirus Stimulus Bill

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The SAFE Banking Act, which the U.S. House overwhelmingly approved in September, is included in its entirety in the 1,815-page bill. We need your urgent help TODAY to get the SAFE Banking Act passed as law. The US Hemp Roundtable are unsurprisingly equally enthusiastic SAFE Banking Act Included in House CARES II Bill. Over at Fresh Toast, Nick Kovacevich  the CEO of KushCo Holdings  wrote 8 May. … COVID-19’s Impact On Cannabis Industry Proves National Legalization Is Near. The U.S. House has included the SAFE Banking Act language in its latest COVID-19 relief package which should head to the House floor shortly.

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It’ll pass Congress … what will happen when it goes up to the Senate ?

A provision that would permit banks to serve state-legal marijuana businesses without fear of federal reprisal is part of a $3 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill announced Tuesday by U.S. House Democrats. The SAFE Banking Act, which the U.S. House overwhelmingly...

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