Election Outcomes Could Significantly Impact Federal and State Marijuana Policies, Expand Legal Cannabis Industry

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The outcomes of the race for the presidency and control of the Senate will have a significant impact on cannabis policy reform. While the Trump administration has generally respected state cannabis laws, the Biden-Harris ticket has expressed support for legislative reform at the federal level. Major cannabis policy reform measures are being voted on in all four corners of the country. Statement from VS founding partner Brian Vicente: “This could be one of the most momentous election years in history for the movement to end cannabis prohibition. This week, VS began publishing a series of columns about cannabis-related election issues on its VS Insights blog, beginning with pieces about federal policy impacts and the New Jersey legalization measure.

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Voters in five states are considering ballot measures that would legalize cannabis for adult and/or medical use,  and the heated races for president and control of Congress could affect ongoing efforts to reform cannabis laws at the federal level.

In Arizona, Montana,...

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