Federal Weed Legalization Could Repair an Economy Wrecked by COVID-19, CEOs Say

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The CEOs of some of the biggest licensed pot companies in the US believe that jobs in new marijuana markets could replace many of those lost amid the coronavirus lockdowns. The only problem: The federal government needs to change its anti-weed laws.

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Three American cannabis CEOs and a pot investor think that weed could save the economy, which tanked after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the US. 

On Sunday, the heads of the licensed cannabis companies Curaleaf, Green Thumb Industries, and Cresco Labs, as well as an investor in the cannabis space, spoke with CNBC about the nation’s nascent marijuana industry and how it presents unique economic opportunities — ones that are non-existent in other mainstream industries.

“When we all start to be able to lift our heads from this COVID experience,...

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