Halloween Special: Pairing Weed Treats with Horror Movies

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We hope these edibles + horror movie ideas have set the bar for a scary Halloween celebration a little higher. If we’re on the same page about watching Halloween movies with friends and pot, here’s another suggestion: Why not make a fancy event out of it? Just like those all-knowing wine connoisseurs who make a big deal out of matching a particular type of cheese with their wine, you can also be an expert in pairing weed treats with horror movies. If you’ve seen 5-6 horror movies, you’ve seen them all. The movie goes back in time to other Jigsaw’s victims, with hideous details, which puts The Saw in the gore horror movie category.

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The following ideas are not recommended for the weak-hearted, easily scared, paranoia-prone… you get the gist.

Let’s not start with “Halloween is just around the corner.” That’s not scary enough. How about: It’s that time of year again when we can’t make a turn without getting spooked by spiders, witches and ghouls peering at us from – let’s face it – very kitschy houses and lawns?

And we love getting spooked. The thrill of knowing we’re safe while experiencing the scare from movies or pranks by friends – priceless. However, there is that thing called “setting the bar”. If you’ve seen 5-6 horror movies, you’ve...

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