High Times Greats: Gonzo King Hunter S. Thompson

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It’s happened so fast, like the nation has plunged into something like World War II, which changed the world forever. The Pentagon thinking started during World War I: If you must go to war, make sure it’s not on our soil. No, I don’t think many people outside the Pentagon or the White House really believe that. There was a long period between World War I and II, but not very long. At the time, my war with Nixon was a symbol of a larger war, what Nixon brought in with him.

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From the September, 2003 issue of High Times comes Matt Higgins’ interview with the incomparable Hunter S. Thompson (1937-2005), who would have been 84 years old on July 18.

Gonzo journalist Dr. Hunter S. Thompson is a survivor. During his career of 40-odd years, Thompson has survived a stamping by the Hell’s Angels, a running feud with Richard Nixon, and a dubious sexual-assault and drug case, all while consuming superhuman quantities of drugs and alcohol. At age 66, this heavyweight of American letters is still fighting, still smoking, and still...

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