Home grows have taken on an entirely different meaning for cannabis companies and enthusiasts during the pandemic

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How to grow cannabis indoors Hemp 101: Everything you need to know about hemp Cannabis and COVID-19: What we know so far His company uses technology to simplify growing cannabis indoors. Jonathan Hirsh alongside his cannabis and vegetable patch. “I am using old cannabis growing supplies to grow even more vegetables,” he says. Home grow box unit at co-founder Roger Jiang’s place. “He put in a few plants alongside the cannabis plant in the middle. After adding details such as what cannabis strain is being grown, and whether it’s a seed, plant or a clone, the system downloads a “recipe” that helps the plant grow. Along with her husband and four kids, Labrecque has been growing pretty much everything, including cantaloupes, corn, beets, tomatoes and carrots.

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On a work trip to China in late January, Frank Qin noticed something that would later influence the way he does business in the face of a pandemic.

“There were areas in China where there was a complete lockdown. People could step outside their homes only so many times a week, so some started growing produce in their balconies,” says Qin, founder of Markham, Ont.-based Mary Agrotechnologies Inc.

How to grow cannabis indoors Hemp...

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