House revives talks to decriminalize cannabis use in the Philippines

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Alvarez’s proposal, House Bill No. 6783, seeks to exclude cannabis, cannabis resin and extracts, and tinctures of cannabis from the list. The House, led by then-Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in the 17th Congress, already approved a bill seeking to legalize medical marijuana, but the proposal languished in the Senate. In his speech, Alvarez used colorful language to describe the current state of cannabis in the country. “The classification of cannabis and its derivatives, as a dangerous drug, is bullsh*t. What the bill says Republic Act No. 9165, also known as the amended Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act, lists cannabis as a dangerous drug and substance. That panel has yet to take up such measures, chairman Gato told Rappler, but he said he is in favor of medical, regulated marijuana.

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Former House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, who used profanity to describe the classification of cannabis as a dangerous drug, argues that its legalization would generate revenues for the government

A House panel for the first time in the 19th Congress under the Marcos administration took up a bill seeking to decriminalize the production, sale, and use of cannabis in the Philippines.

The lower chamber’s dangerous drugs committee chaired by Robert Ace Barbers of Surigao del Norte’s 2nd District moved to form a technical working group (TWG) with the health committee to flesh out the bill filed by former House Speaker and current Davao...

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