How Brett Favre Went From Vicodin Addict To CBD Advocate

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Because he understands their fears and wishes someone had given him alternatives like CBD, which he calls “safe,” as an NFL quarterback. But for the aches and pains every NFL players endures, it works. Favre, despite his gauntlet of withstanding injuries, rates it among the worst pain he felt in his career. “So of course they gave me pain pills,” he said. There are alternatives, obviously CBD being one of them, that are not going to give you an addiction or increase your addiction. At his worst, he downed 15 Vicodin ES pills per night, asking teammates for their subscription allotments to feed his needs.

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The Gunslinger shares a personal story that’s all too familiar in the NFL: A football warrior overcoming pain with addictive substances only to face a tougher battle off the field than on it.

Brett Favre knows about pain. More than most rational humans, he knows about physical pain. The injuries he accumulated throughout his football career should astound you: torn bicep, broken thumb, concussions, elbow tendonitis, bone spurs in his ankles, severe sprains in multiple limbs, to name a few. In 1995, Pittsburgh Steeler defenders hit him so hard, Favre rushed to the sideline and coughed up blood. He returned the next play, threw a touchdown, and the...

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