How Passengers Teamed Up To Restrain Man On Chaotic Flight

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One flight attendant noticed the door’s locking handle had been moved. He sued the state-run Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital in March 2021, alleging medical malpractice for misdiagnosis. The suit was dismissed in June.In both cases he acted as his own attorney. That suit was dismissed several months later.He also sued Fuller Hospital in Attleboro, Massachusetts last May, alleging his constitutional rights were violated because he was a vegan and was denied almond milk. He was detained pending a hearing scheduled for Thursday.The plane was about 45 minutes from Boston when the crew received an alarm that a side door on the aircraft was disarmed, according to court documents.

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BOSTON (AP) — A passenger who helped restrain a threatening man on a weekend flight from Los Angeles to Boston said Tuesday that the entire chaotic episode was over within seconds thanks to teamwork.

Simik Ghookasian said in a telephone interview that he was seated several rows behind the man, who had quietly tried to open an airliner’s emergency door before trying to stab a flight attendant with a broken metal spoon, according to prosecutors.

“I heard the guy getting louder and louder and I thought it was just an argument,...

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